Editions du Breil - Vaarkaart Estuaire de la Gironde - Editions du Breil no. 16

Vaarkaart Frankrijk Elzas Lorraine - Editions du Breil no. 4

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Vaarkaart Estuaire de la Gironde - Editions du Breil no. 16

Gironde, Garonne, canal de Garonne, Dordogne, l’Isle.

This new guide to the Gironde estuary completes our collection of guides to the waterways of south-western France.

The title is perhaps a little misleading as the guide covers not only the estuary but also the Garonne, the Dordogne and the Isle.

The Gironde and the Garonne provide the obligatory itinerary for boats on their way from England to the Mediterranean. We identify the usual deep water ports at Pauillac and Bègles but there is also a new port at le Verdon and the city of Bordeaux has made an effort to improve facilities for boats in transit. We also describe in detail all the little fishing ports on both sides of the estuary, some of which can only be reached at high tide.

The Dordogne is perfectly navigable as far as Branne and, with a few precautions, as for as Castillon-la-Bataille. Beyond that town navigation is risky for big boats, specially in summer.

The river Isle was once navigable as far as Perigueux but now only the maritime section is open. If enough boats go as far as the first lock at Laubardemont, perhaps this lock and the ones that follow will be opened for leisure craft.

This first edition has received a warm welcome from the Gironde boating fraternity and we are looking forward their comments and corrections.


  • Taal: Frans, Duits, Engels
  • Formaat 21x29,7 cm
  • Gedetailleerde kaarten
  • Fotomateriaal en tekstpagina’s
  • 96 pagina’s

·         Editie 2008

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